New 3D psycho-horror game to start off 2021!

Hello everyone!

It's a new year and it calls for another new game from JN Squared! But what makes it special this time is that it's our anniversary as a team. We've gone a long way since we created and published our first game. So to put forth what began it all, we not only invited a third person to work with us, but we've also developed a direct sequel to Paralyzis.

As part of our Nightmare series, Pyrolyzis is a 3D psychological horror game that plays with your mind. You begin in a room. Everything looks normal, it's peaceful. You commit to a normal task. As soon as you try to leave, you find yourself back in the same room, except, something has changed. And with every attempt to leave, things just gets stranger. 

The question we hope players would ask themselves as they play is who are you really? Who are you playing as?

In chronological order, how does Ripped/Apart, Paralyzis, and Pyrolyzis all relate to one another?

Please do check out those games as well as our other ones if you haven't already done so!

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Version 1 Jan 14, 2021 395 MB
Version 1 Jan 14, 2021 389 MB
Version 1 Jan 14, 2021

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