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This is your room but something is wrong. Every time you try to leave, you find yourself back where you started. The only exception: something changes each time.

Pyrolyzis is a short 3D horror game that plays with your mind. Who are you really? And what's going on? 

This is the third installment to our Nightmare series and the sequel to Paralyzis. 

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This game is completely free to download and enjoy, but any donations would be appreciated. We will use 100% of the donations towards the development of future games!


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pyrolyzis-mac.zip 389 MB
Version 4
pyrolyzis-linux.zip 395 MB
Version 4
pyrolyzis-win64.zip 389 MB
Version 4

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Enjoyed playing the game! Liked the atmosphere and horror elements! I'll be checking out your other games as well. Keep up the good work! 

PS. Added time stamps for the games played in this video! 

I enjoyed

bellissimo, ho risolto solo cinque obiettivi su sette pero. Gran bel gioco comunque,lascio il video se sei interessato a dargli un'occhiata..

This was really cool. Trying to figure out the story was really enjoyable. Nice job!

lot of unexpected jumpscare!

So many secrets!!! This was a good play

Dope game! Check out the only review that matters right here!

Great game love the easter eggs and style!

Tried out your game!


Getting better at making games I see. Good job keep it up this one was super fun and interesting

very fun!!!

Can anyone help me understand this game? lmao

Wish I could have used the extinguisher, though I suppose it reflects on the player character's past ;)

I love your games and this is another wacky fun one as well thank you for the good times! 

This game has a PT feel to it but with its own uniqueness to it. Enjoyed it! Good job Dev!

short but really well made game!

Nice game

This game was very well created, the story driven method and progression was awesome. Loved your other game "don't do it" and this was a great installment to your library. I think I'll need to go play the other games in the Nightmare series.

Cool game, definitely worth playing. Jerky Pete didn't make it out ok but what are ya going to do lol. Thanks for the spoops. I will link my gameplay below if you are interested in seeing my reaction. ( Jerky Pete is that dried up corpse that seemed to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time )

Don't ya just love an entity that wants to play peek-a-boo with you hahaha Another solid game from JN Squared, and I had a terrific experience playing ( kinda ended badly ;]). I could be wrong, but this game feels like it had a different approach to the gameplay, compared to previous JNS games. And I like that! Each game is different in its own right. I also love the menu style on the title screen. I feel like I saw this before with another game from JNS, and that would totally make sense. 

Great work!

Nice Game !

The jump scare was really clever, got me good! Keep it up JNSquared

Awesome little Game! 

played it live on stream, and got nothing bad to say about it. 

Greetings from Germany. 

I played the paralyzis game of the same dev. so I had high hopes when it comes to the storyline of this game. and boy oh boy it was spooky. some jumpscares in the game is cliche but the last one really got me! the one when you entered the TV kinda thing. am I the only one who got that jumpscare?!

p.s game starts at 12:00


Jocul e blana rău, e și amuzant părerea mea merita incercat =))

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this game was dope 

This game is mega awesome! I really enjoyed the look and the style, along with the atmosphere. Great job, man!

This was a good short horror game. I like all the secretes and easter eggs like Paralysis on the TV. 


Made me scream. 


Hello, I loved your game. Can you try my game too?



i cant believe you are playing this game, minecraft graphics, and mine not

I love a good bone chilling game without as much jump scares! Awesome job devs!

what's up familia my name is isak and i recently played your game, it was a really fun experience.  I really like the level design and the  changes the room went thru as we progress in the story, there was always something different in the rooms even tho it was the same room the change made it feel different. i wasn't able to find the secrets so im curios to see what i missed out on my first run. nonetheless the games was really fun, keep up the good work!


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The secrets were cool and the twist was kinda subtle (for my dumb brain) but the pacing was weird and rushed. Cool idea though!

Gameplay if you're interested: 


good game, i love it, the game scared me XD


Great game gad fun playing it!


Thanks for the fun :D!

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