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This game is really neat! You've all done a really good job in telling a horror story in such a short amount of time. And I won't be forgetting this unsettling smile for quite some time!

God, I had a blast with this one, I got so close to a new ending but it looks like I might have to come back to this one!

Big PT Vibes, loved it! Short and Sweet. 

This short game is as much a mystery as it is a horror. 

I enjoyed playing multiple times hunting both endings, and trying to piece together just what happened. Truly worth a playthrough or two if you enjoy hunting secrets and finding horror around every corner!

this game is definitely a improvement from the last game from this developer this game was unique in some aspects more than others but its still a fun time if you want to see my full play through of this here it is (spoilers but not the good end)

if you watched my video thank you i appreciate it and consider subscribing (it is free after all) 

Very cool game.I loved it!Keep up the good work!:)

This game was epic! I really enjoyed the tension being turnt up immediately with the knocking at the door. You're really good at this JN! I recommend horror lovers give this one a download! I also really enjoyed your other title, Paralyzis! I look forward to your next title JN!


For this being a sequel it's pretty cool. That ending closet monster scared the crap out of me lol. Keep up the great work.

Okay first of all the main menu is fantastic! So far I had never seen something like that and I absolutely love it! I personally wasn't very aware of there being secrets and different endings so I'm afraid I missed quite some things. I did however really like the concept of the game! With the way the story progressed it did become clear to me what had happened and pulling that off without literally showing me what happened is really difficult! Great job on this one!!

Thank you for playing our game! Loved your theory and your playthrough was entertaining. The secrets help understand the story more, and even without them, your interpretation is not too far off :)

Pretty good horror game. I liked the little lore it had, and it played smoothly! Good job dev.

Very well done game !!! I like it !

Fun little short horror game thumbs up from me man!

I got jumpscared a few times. Really good job! Yours starts at 7:02 

The story was somewhat confusing, but the atmosphere and pacing of it all was great. Though I wish there was something that told the player if they got a secret. Beyond that, not bad.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Use a fire extinguisher

Loved it, gave a good P.T. vibe and always love those =) left a follow and keep up the work! Your vid starts at 4:28 in my vid

I REALLY enjoyed this. The game immerses you right from the start with an interactive main menu, and starting the game leads you into the action pretty much right away. I absolutely loved how the endings were achieved. I gave some more in depth thoughts at the end of the video. Fantastic game! 


We really enjoyed your playthrough! Your interaction with "Dustin" was amazing. The editing and your commentary was hilarious. Thank you for playing both our games and loved how you referenced Paralyzis as well!


As I was editing, I realized that man's name is, in fact, definitely not Dustin LOL!

But he kept me company in my time of need, so I had to give him a nickname!

Thanks for making such a great game, I look forward to more from your team!

The weirdness is what makes this game. I have some ideas about the story and how it ties everything together, but I'm glad I went through again and got all the secrets.

Thanks for playing our game and we loved your theory! It's always good to hear how each player interprets the story

Just finished this game and I will say That it was pretty good I liked the premise and the concept of it. I have my reaction and full game right here. 

I liked this short horror game. The story was interesting. I am not aware this was the third installment. On your page I only see the sleep paralysis one. As for the game, I liked the looping concept of figuring out the story of the dead people in the warehouse. The jump scares are cute. If you wanted to make it scarier I would trick the player a bit more. For example, the "look behind you" the player would look and see nothing then turns back at the closet to scare them. Overall, very cool story. Are you planning on a fourth installment?

Your game is the last on in the video.

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Thanks for the feedback and for playing our game! We actually thought of that concept of tricking them like that but since player behavior can be unpredictable, we felt it won't work all the time and the chances of missing are higher. Loved your video and hope you'll play our future games! You guys will be the first to know if there's a fourth installment :) 

Cool game, kinda had a P.T vibe. I unfortunately didn't find all the secrets.

This was the second game I played in my video. As I'm looking now I realized I didn't get all the secrets and now I'm sad lmao. I really enjoyed the experience.
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I didn't include any critique in my video; it is the original gameplay and commentary, edited to enhance the comedic elements of the session.  Game critique is included below***

Gameplay footage begins @ 00:00 [first video]

** EDIT: Never received a word of feedback or replies from the developers. Have discovered that the main character is the killer and possibly suffers from schizophrenia thus the medication on the table.  Deleted entirety of initial comment. 

I liked it how the game has these secrets you have to find, so it makes you wanna replay it after the first run! I think I'd add just a couple more jump scares to make it even better. As someone mentioned below, a story is a bit confusing... but overall, it's a nice short game! Thanks! 

Thank you for the feedback and for playing our game! The story has many layers to it and the main question that would help make it a bit clearer is who exactly are you playing as? We're glad that the game had you replaying a few times to get the secrets! They all contributed a small piece to the story

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Hello, dear dev!
I've gathered 7 all secrets and reached both endings!
Here's the video!

I had so much fun!
I like the looping but changing system.
As the video shows, 7th last secrets was kinda hard to find for me.
But I never think it's unreasonable, coz it's just if we notice or not.

And I like the circumstance of 2nd ending!
The messages shivered me!

Thank you for letting me play and scaring me!

The story of this game is kinda confuses me, but I enjoyed the game nonetheless 

Juego de terror interesante, el ambiente esta bien logrado aun que hubiese preferido un poco mas de sonido en los pasos al caminar por ejemplo. Dentro de todo me gusto, buen trabajo !

I gave it a go and it starts at 18:53

Gave it a Let's Play

If Paralysis was already good, the sequence was even better. Amazing!

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Thank you for making the game, I download the experience.

Thank you for playing our game! We hope you enjoyed the experience.

Creepy and great graphics!

Thank you for playing and we're glad you liked the graphics!

Hello, I played this game and I really liked it, the environment were neat and the sound effects were good, one question btw are there only 2 endings? over all I enjoyed it, good work :)

Hi! You are correct, there are only 2 endings. We're glad you enjoyed it and thank you for playing!

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great creepy 

Thanks for playing and for your video! Greatly appreciate it!

Amazing and atmospheric game dev :D 


Thank you for the kind words and playing our game! We enjoyed your video!


Thank you :D

Great creepy game my friend love the pixel graphics.

Loved the video! Thanks for playing our game :) We did want to try out a new style so we're glad you like the pixelated graphics!

Most interesting, and I like the way it ends too.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

Thanks for playing our game! We enjoyed your commentary and video!

This one's pretty cool. I was able to get 2 endings but I'm not sure how I got the one with the bear. It's a fun game though for sure. Thanks!


Thank you for playing and persisting for that second ending :)

Great work! I enjoyed it so much and I loved the story <3
(12/7 secrets found?)

Thanks for playing our game and the video! We're glad you enjoyed it!

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