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**Updated 5/23/20

Mommy said she knows best. But does she really? They want you. They're looking for you. And they won't rest until you've paid the price. 

EscMenu (Warning, no pausing. You can't pause nightmares)

Ripped/Apart is a survival-horror game set in the mind of a child trying to escape a living nightmare. 


rippedapart-win64.zip 93 MB
Version 27 May 24, 2020
rippedapart-linux.zip 94 MB
Version 19 May 24, 2020
rippedapart-mac.zip 93 MB
Version 20 May 24, 2020

Development log


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Muy buen juego

Cool game i want more !

Thank you dev team for making another compelling game! I'll admit I suck at it lol but it was still a bunch of fun so thanks again :D

This game was really good and SCARY. Keep up the good work on the games. I made a video on it make sure you guys check it out!

Cool nightmare

This was good, found it after trying Don't Do It & so far JN Squared is 3 for 3 on indie games I enjoyed


어린이 게임일줄 알았는데 이렇게 재밌는지 몰랐네요

너무 재밌게 했습니다^^

Thank you for playing our game! :)

Hey! I included your game in my latest Itch.io Horror Games video! The part with your game starts around 9:27! Hope you enjoy!


Thank you for playing our game and for the video! :)

Hey JN Squared! I played your other game Paralyzis before and I gave this one a try as you recommended and I had a super fun time I suck at it lol but it's great so far and thank you for all the hard work in this game and Paralyzis as well. Hope to see more work from you all in the future! 

Thank you so much for playing both of our games! We enjoyed your gameplay and hope you will play more of our future games! Hopefully, you won't be ripped apart next time ;)


Lol thank you again and I look forward to your future games :D

I enjoyed this! Short, simple and sweet! I really liked the piano playing on the main menu!


Thank you for playing our game! :) Loved your reaction and story analysis in the video. All music was originally composed and produced and we're glad you liked it!

I don't understand how to get past Mel... I don't know how to scare him off with the light. Great game! But I can't figure this out.

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Hi there :) Do you see where Mel is located?

very creepy game I made a video of it to 


Thank you for playing our game!

Amazing game dev had so much fun playing it :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Thank you for playing our game and we’re glad you enjoyed it!