A downloadable sleep paralysis for Windows and macOS

Ever been awake and not be able to move?

Ever seen something in the dark but it's not really there?

Ever felt the dangers of the night and be at the mercy of your imagination?

This is a first-person horror game made to let you experience the feeling of sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming. You wake up in bed and unable to move. The only thing you can do is watch as things unfold before you. Your only hope is to turn on the lights to make everything go away.

Install instructions

1. Download the zip file

2. Extract the contents (e.g. Desktop)

3. Double click on the executable file to begin playing! 


*Note: You will need a keyboard and mouse to play


paralyzis-mac.zip 124 MB
Version 1.0.2 50 days ago
paralyzis-win64.zip 123 MB
Version 1.0.2 50 days ago


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I truly loved playing this game, I was generally pretty scared during some parts. One question, can anyone tell me what the title screen music is, I've been trying to find that for a while.

Played your game in an indie romp. The creatures were pretty entertaining haha. Hope you enjoy

Your game starts at 4:25

Really interesting and fun game with the element of truth in it. Feel free to check out my gameplay of the game

THIS GAME IS AMAZING!I loved the creepy atmosphere <3

Greetings from Germany ^^

Great game. Loved the creepy atmosphere. 

Hey, I featured your game in my latest Itch.io Horror Games video! The part with your game starts around 14:01! Hope ya enjoy!

I am quite late to play this horror game, but it was very good!


Interesting take on what sleep paralysis is or could be. 

Interesting experience!

I know sleep paralysis also well done! 



i had a blast playing  the game. keep up the amazing work. i made a small playthrough

Sadly the game is unplayable only after 3 minutes of playing.
My camera gets stuck after trying to turn on the lights and after that the camera is locked to the left. I can somewhat move it and try to get the normal angle but once I reach normal FOV again it just skips my camera back at where it's locked..
Looked good so far but It's unplayable so i'd give it a 2-star..

After reinstalling it completely everything went fine. Not sure why it happened. 
I had CHILLS ALL OVER MY BODY for the whole game long, it was amazing ! 


If this is what paralysis feels like..I want nothing to do with it.

better game ive played in a while!


Было страшно :) Зачет!

Great game! It really had the right vibe. Also the element of surprise is used very well. Especially when that shadowy demon figure jumped directly at my face, that most certainly surprised me. Well done!

Nice and short, gets the point across; f*ck sleep paralysis. I feel like this can be a full length game with levels and all. I enjoyed it, sorry to anyone who has to deal with this stuff irl.


Amazing Game.


if you like really edited content this is for you :) skip to 3:30 for the game.

amazing game , it scared the hell out of me

amazing job creating such a dreadfull situation

here is my video if you are curieus

my gameplay of PARLYZIS

(1 edit) (-1)

Hi I was late to playing this game on its release. But I still played it and it was amazing. I hope you like this commentary I made (thanks dev.)

Nice idea, but it would be better if the monsters were hidden.

This was pretty good. 

A REALLY fun experience. For what it is, it did a good job of giving me the spooky scares. Check this game out for yourself, the video does not do it justice.

The overexaggeration of the jumpscares really kills the atmosphere.

Gave me a good scare! I hope I don't suffer from sleep paralysis haha. Feel free to check out my video! (:

Amazing game! I think it has a lot of potential!!! Watch my playthrough of it if you are stuck or just want to watch an entertaining video!


Nice game and gave me nightmares!!! Here's the video of the game!!! Check out if you haven't played this game or having trouble with it!!!


A couple really good jump scares in this one! Great game!


Definitely should continue development on games like this. Terrifying, intriguing, and super suspenseful. It's a must play here is some game play if you want a sneak peak! 


This game is haunting and really creepy, its cleverly designed and gives a real experience of what it could be like to have sleep paralysis. The scares get incrementally worse , a must play!


this game is very scary, the monster designs are great. the graphics are amazing and atmospheric. and i do like the scary voice acting and doesn't focuses on to much jumpscares. if you guys enjoy this game, then you'll enjoy mine


Interesting way to explore this situation. I don't remember going through it, or at least being all that afraid if it was happening.


this was really interesting see how you create this sleeping paralysis experience. I wasn't that scary, but one jumpscare got me. I bet if this would be VR this would been creepy as fuck! Is this based to own experiences? ;)


My Italian gameplay 😄


heres my take on the game. its GREAT


Uh... Is that humming the song "Stronger Than You" from Steven Universe..? Even if it's a free game, I'm pretty sure you can't do that...


Gave it a go...


Really amazing please keep up this good work it scared me

This was so scary i think i died i little. But i'm also a little wuss..

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