A downloadable sleep paralysis for Windows and macOS

Ever been awake and not be able to move?

Ever seen something in the dark but it's not really there?

Ever felt the dangers of the night and be at the mercy of your imagination?

This is a first-person horror game made to let you experience the feeling of sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming. You wake up in bed and unable to move. The only thing you can do is watch as things unfold before you. Your only hope is to turn on the lights to make everything go away.

Updated 12 days ago
Published 19 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
AuthorJN Squared
Tags3D, Creepy, Horror, My First Game Jam, Psychological Horror, Short, Spooky, suspense, Unity

Install instructions

1. Download the zip file

2. Extract the contents (e.g. Desktop)

3. Double click on the executable file to begin playing! 


*Note: You will need a keyboard and mouse to play


paralyzis-mac.zip 124 MB
Version 1.0.2 18 days ago
paralyzis-win64.zip 123 MB
Version 1.0.2 18 days ago


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this game is very scary, the monster designs are great. the graphics are amazing and atmospheric. and i do like the scary voice acting and doesn't focuses on to much jumpscares. if you guys enjoy this game, then you'll enjoy mine

if you like really edited content this is for you :) skip to 3:30

Interesting way to explore this situation. I don't remember going through it, or at least being all that afraid if it was happening.

this was really interesting see how you create this sleeping paralysis experience. I wasn't that scary, but one jumpscare got me. I bet if this would be VR this would been creepy as fuck! Is this based to own experiences? ;)

My Italian gameplay 😄

heres my take on the game. its GREAT

Uh... Is that humming the song "Stronger Than You" from Steven Universe..? Even if it's a free game, I'm pretty sure you can't do that...

Gave it a go...

Really amazing please keep up this good work it scared me

This was so scary i think i died i little. But i'm also a little wuss..


This game is super awesome. I loved the thrill and the scare. Check it out


Thanks for the fun :D! 


Hey! I played your game in a video featuring a couple of indie horror games. EXCELLENT job! As someone who experiences sleep paralysis, your depiction of it was pretty much spot on (to my experiences, at least). 

Anyway, here's the video! I hope you enjoy it! Your game starts at 3:40. 


Short and sweet. Sleep paralysis seems deadly. And if demons appear, fuck. 

(1 edit)

that anxiety bar killed my hand


Played as part of my 3 random horror games, I love the design of the game, simply removing the players ability to move was pretty cleaver and added an extra layer of uncomfortablness.

This was not a bad game. Also never experienced sleep paralysis before so if this is what it is i hope to god i don't get it XD Also made a video onit.

I really enjoyed this game and I would highly recommend this short Horrot Horror Game.

I have sleep paralysis here and there.

Only thing I have to critic on: Is the last monster, his clicking seemed a little drawn out and somewhat difficult unless you spam if with your good finger or have a macro.

Otherwise, Good Job! - Here's my PT: I don't do commentary, because people tell me they enjoy watch horror games without commentary better. 

So, here's mine. :)


Not a bad short horror game

Loved This!! It made me remember my night terrors.

Nice Work!

I thought it was an accurate representation of what it feels like to be in the middle of sleep paralysis, albeit a little exaggerated (only in my experience -- can't say it's better or worse for anybody else) but overall thought this game was pretty rad even being a little rough around the edges.

I absolutely loved this game. Like, one of my favorite horror games ever for some reason. 

heres my gameplay if you want to see it. <3


idk who made this but we got problems!

Holy crap I think I almost crapped myself. This was super fun and an amazing game good job. 

I honestly loved this game, terrifying at least! I've also experienced this in real life so I can say it brings up memories, here is my playthrough <3



Good game and terrifying concept - hope I never experience this in real life.

A very interesting idea and concept, some parts creepy, some parts slightly comical, but overall very unsettling.

This game was really creepy! 

Really terrifying game. Nice job.

Honestly glad I've never experienced actual sleep paralysis! Sounds horrible!

(Your game begins at 19:30)

Now, I have had limited experiences with Sleep Paralysis. Or rather, I hesitate to call what I HAVE experienced Sleep Paralysis, at it was never as extreme as the way people describe it, but no doubt unpleasant. And well this game leaves me considering myself lucky.

You'd think a game where you don't move at all 85% of the time wouldnt work, but making it such a struggle to move at all perfectly fits the game theme and the sense of desperation.

At worst, there was a few moments that got more goofy than scary (the bear's laugh, for instance), but all the same, this was a terrifying, cool little experience and gameplay experiment. Great job.

Very short game but so so so fun (and terrifying) Check my Vid out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbRqg5-wI6o&t=233s

Even tho this game was very short I still had a pretty fun time playing it.. and I'm aware that it is very dark and hard to see but I will be fixing this issue moving forward... Enjoy :D

Really awesome game!

Check out my video if you want ; )

It was a fun game, creepy af..

I really enjoyed playing Paralyzis. Wish there was more! Here's my playthrough if you wanna see how I handled the jumpscares. 

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