A downloadable sleep paralysis for Windows and macOS

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Ever been awake and not be able to move?

Ever seen something in the dark but it's not really there?

Ever felt the dangers of the night and be at the mercy of your imagination?

This is a first-person horror game made to let you experience the feeling of sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming. You wake up in bed and unable to move. The only thing you can do is watch as things unfold before you. Your only hope is to turn on the lights to make everything go away.


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paralyzis-mac.zip 124 MB
Version 1.0.2
paralyzis-win64.zip 123 MB
Version 1.0.2


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One of my biggest fears. Good jumpscares, had me wondering what was to happen next.

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Sehr gruseliges, kleines Spiel! Ich glaube das ich seit diesem Spiel eine Teddybärenphobie habe xD Verdiente 4/5

Loved the game and such a relatable experience! Well done and many thanks to the work put in! 

the game must have glitched and I was stuck in the anxiety bar part for like two minutes straight whitout understanding what I was doing wrong, but except for that cool little game 

dude i like the game, Graphics are nice too, wish it was a little longer than what's on display, good luck. 

Great game, I played it with friends and they really liked it.

Greetings from México

i got chills from this! (game #2)

i played the game and it qas very spooky. It was also very fun! Loved the art style. It would be really helpful if you could check out my youtube channel and possibly subscribe! Thank you!

Who needs sleep anyway..? 

Who wants to do a sleepover? 

This game scared the freak outta me especially since I fear sleep paralyzis!! Good job on the scare! Please feel free to check out my gameplay. Have a great day! :)

This is great. I mostly experience some what is included in here. I am hoping more of your creations.

I have a gameplay included in this video gameplay:

I've had sleep paralyzes before, nobody ever tried to get funky.. but this thing got funky..

This game  is soooooo scary and a lot of fun to play. If u ever had sleep paralysis you know how scary it can be. 



muy bueno, la movilidad del personaje es lenta pero es debido a que esta en paralisis de sueño. En general, buen juego para pasar el rato.

Loved the game and such a relatable experience! Well done and many thanks to the work put in! 

So.. Much.. Chills.... ALL OVER MY SKIN!!! No scares but chills. And funny cuz of the bear.

Absolutely Brillant!  

As far as I know, I have never seen a game that touched on these matters, even more being horror. The creativity of many developers in creating games is incredible. Congratulations!

My goodness! This game has some really good jump scares and gives a good depiction of someone who has sleep paralysis. Very well done!

Pretty cool little game.

As someone who has these issues, this was damn near dead on what is experienced. 

Creepy and very unusual!


I really enjoyed this game play. I do also have to say that you guys make some of the best horror games that I have ever played. Keep up the great work and also can't wait for a new horror game to come out 

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Nice one

I've experienced it many times

i personally had sleep paralysis and a anxiety and it is bad. playing this game brought me back to that moment and shared my experience in the video. the game is well made and does a good job at illustrating the experiences. my partner and i really enjoy the game and brought new light to her about sleep paralysis.

If this is what sleep paralysis is actually like I feel really bad for anyone who has it. This was in my 3 scary games! Keep up the good work!

This was an interesting & good idea for a indie horror exp. Looking forward to tryin more from JN Squared!

Loved the creepy atmosphere, great little game thanks.


i peed that mf was scaryy bru

El juego esta Genial por si alguien quiere verlo en ESPAÑOL

I have never experienced sleep paralysis in my life so this game got me questioned myself "this can't happen in real life right?" lol. but the graphics looks good. and there were some scenarios where you did not expect to happen which is good for a horror game like this. 

p.s game starts at 19:57

Nice game

This got me good there’s a lot of jump scares it’s good for a short game and a short vid

best game ever

This was a great scare. Loved playing this one
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