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A short 3D first person horror game exploring the secrets of your lab. 

You find yourself underground in the restricted area. You've never been here before. What are they hiding? You're dying to learn the truth.

Don't do it if you know what's good for you. 


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dont-do-it-win64.zip 213 MB
Version 18
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Version 11
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Version 11

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Tried this out, liked it so much I decided to try more from JN Squared! Keep up the good work! I'll be checking out even more of your work soon, for sure.

I pleasantly enjoyed this game, I had no idea how to beat it at first lol. Thanks for the amazing game.

Such a good game. More intense then I was ready for
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Interesting and at the same time terrifying little game that gave me a couple of heart attacks. I hope you keep up the good work because this was awesome.

its nice game i like it

I played through the game and actually recorded it for my channel. It was actually one of the first games I played for YouTube. This was definitely quite a creepy, but fun game to play through. It is rather short, but it packs a lot into it. Overall, it was a great game, thank you!

Nice game. It gave me shivers. A game I’ve never played before.

Also, check out - https://youtu.be/iTHpjUHCwcM

if you'd like to see some gameplay watch my video below :D 

it was so fun, besides the jumpscares D:

Loved the game! I wanna see a continuation of this game! Please let me know what you think of my play through! 5 out of 5!

Forgot to leave a comment earlier, but this was one awesome little spooky game. Thank you for making this & please make more fun adventures for us <3 

This was such an awesome game. Could use some minor improvements on graphics, but I loved the suspense and ambiance. Some decent jumpscares, I must admit. Here’s my video on it.

Well...I did it anyways

This was a very fun horror game!

Gave it a go...

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A nice short horror game , the underground style labs have a nice aesthetic and add to a claustrophobic atmosphere in the narrow corridors and small cramped rooms and the background noises unease you quite effectively.

 The audio logs are a nice touch for a form of narrative and backstory and also explain a little about "the experiment" The experiment itself is quite intimidating and can surprise you if you are not paying attention and the ending was one that was not expected.

overall another great short horror experience from the JN Squared team.

Game was good.

I played Paralyzis before this and I definitely recognize the step-up in development. As I said for that game, I really wanna see something that takes 3-4 months to develop. Investing more time in development would produce a further polished game that the player can create a real connection with.

Great work!  

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It caught me completely off guard haha

Very great short game... Entering the keypad got me as I was too slow a few times LOL 

I really like the game! It really made me wait a bit before open the doors because I had a feeling something was gonna happend, so it is really scary. Good job!

This game was a lot of fun! 

It really set a great atmosphere, and built up a good amount of suspense!

Keep up the good work!

Here's my playthrough for anyone interested:

this was a cool little game! Got me a couple of times hahaha!

pretty interesting stuff great game

It was short and sweet, I enjoyed it, good work!


i downloaded the game but i found a goose on my desktop annoying me while i was playing heheh Xd

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This is a game about not doing it. That's right. Don't do it! Basically, we wake up underground and then have to try to escape. I died a lot but I eventually beat it! Pretty creepy game! I really enjoyed playing it and didn't expect to be as scared as I was. Thanks JN Squared!



This was one of the few times that I think the "Where am I? What's going on?" trope was used well. All the evidence points to a single creature and an isolated breach, but the reveal at the end showing that there are multiple creatures and a massive problem makes it make sense that the character had no idea that escaping the underground was worse than staying put.


Thank you for the insights! We definitely wanted to create an isolated atmosphere where you'd feel lost and uneasy while having to figure out the issue at hand. We enjoyed the playthrough and hope you'll come back for our future games. :)

Heyyy I got some jump scares of this game haha I would love to see more to this game, also I posted a video about it (in portuguese):

It was interesting, i think if we devloppe the game a little more it could be a really great game !

This game is very scary, very frightening when you finally see the creature. I loved playing it though. Wish I could have put a big red button on the F key for every time I died. xD  

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Amazing game!


Hi Gaming World, can you tell us what they were?


When i Pick a Keycard it Closes The Game 

But I Fixed it its okay

But The Game Is so so so Scary

When i Pick a Keycard it Closes The Game 

But I Fixed it its okay

But The Game Is so so so Scary

the dog be killin my vibe man

cool to see so many other people played this, i gotta see the updates to this game.

Amazing game!

Great little game! 

The "try again" option didn't seem to do anything. Fortunately, this game is short enough that it didn't really matter though. 

Hi EclecticCookie, thank you so much for playing our game and reporting this bug to us! Greatly appreciate it and we've immediately uploaded a new version correcting this issue!


If you enjoyed the video then please consider subscribing! If you did not enjoy the video then please tell me what you did not enjoy in the comments so I can improve :)

Hola, me encanto el juego, te hice un video en mi canal de youtube, espero subir mas partes. Me ha sacado varios sustos.

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Really good game with good scares, nice job!


Hey! Nice game!

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