Update 6/6 - Bug Fixed

Hi all,

We've been keeping a close eye on certain bugs players have experienced in their gameplays, and have noticed that on occasion, the recorder remained on the screen even after the playback was finished. Though rare, and we couldn't reproduce it ourselves, we made a small adjustment in the code to help ensure that the recorder/subtitles are removed once they are done. A new version of the game has been uploaded to hopefully fix this bug. 

All feedback is greatly appreciated as we strive to improve, and once again, we thank everyone who have played our game and hope you will try out our next one in the coming months!

-- JN Squared


dont-do-it-win64.zip 213 MB
Version 15 67 days ago
dont-do-it-mac.zip 216 MB
Version 8 67 days ago
dont-do-it-linux.zip 222 MB
Version 8 67 days ago

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