Update 6/17 - Brightness Adjusted

Hello all,

After reading some comments, some people liked the game dark while others found it too hard to see. With some careful consideration, we brightened it up just a tad bit in hopes that it doesn't take away the initial experience we were aiming for (the suspense and tension of the setting). We are aware that a dark environment doesn't necessarily equate to a "scary" game, so we decided to make a couple of adjustments with the lights. 

Thank you to those who have pointed out that the darkness adds to the atmosphere, and thank you to all who have been providing us with feedback! We aim for our future games to collectively reflect on how much we've learned through the player base!

-- JN Squared


dont-do-it-win64.zip 213 MB
Version 17 Jun 17, 2020
dont-do-it-mac.zip 216 MB
Version 10 Jun 17, 2020
dont-do-it-linux.zip 222 MB
Version 10 Jun 17, 2020

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