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Spooky game.. Well done! :)

Great game, well done!

Creepy and intense. I love it. 10/10 spooky demons

I loved it!! A few solid scares and the overall atmosphere had me on edge the entire time!!

such a cool concept. I really enjoyed it! 

This game was incredible. The fact people actually go through this, made it that much more terrifying. This left a mark on me, and now appreciate my non-dream sleep I get. Played as part of a 3 scary games video, time stamps in details to jump directly to the game!

Loved the game and such a relatable experience! Well done and many thanks to the work put in! 

This a fun game. I liked it.

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a cute lill spook! i like it

Having had sleep paralysis myself, it most certainly is NOT FUN! Such a cool little game. Took a while to get the bear off, other than that it was fun to play. 

Just uploaded this to my channel. Really cool and creepy game. Iv had sleep paralysis before. Not fun so this brought back the memories. In a good way though cuz it was freaky as hell! 100% recommend playing this game. Playing in the dark and with headphones is awesome too!

Here's my video if interested in watching!

as stated in the video, i do suffer from sleep paralysis, so my experience of this game was absolutely horrifying. 10/10 and now i dont sleep at night anymore.

As someone that had Sleep Paralysis, This is a very good representation of that! good job!

allora, oltre a rompermi il microfono vi assicuro che durante la paralisi del sonno non ci sono indicazioni, il gioco non è granchè

Very well made game, props to you dev.


One of my biggest fears. Good jumpscares, had me wondering what was to happen next.


Appreciate the detail of this game this is a good representation of what PARALYSIS is like lololol

good game


Since I deleted the original video I made on this game I decided to pay it a revisit, tbh it is still pretty good, like how the scares ramp up a ton as you progress.

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Comments below clip;

I couldn't finish this game. Not because of the game itself, but because we have to hit the left mouse button a gazillion times. The things is, I do that with my right hand index finger. The other thing is, the knuckle of said index finger, was smashed to smithereens in an accident, so hitting a mouse button repeatedly, becomes pretty darn painful, ff-ingly quick. So, that's on my side and has nothing to do with the game. Needless to say, it annoyed me, as is obvious :o]

The game itself is well done, and the element of helplessness, because of being unable to get up, is quite daunting. So, despite not finishing your game, I thank you for making it. Kudos to all involved. You all deserve a very High, High 5!

I've never really experienced anything like that before, but I know people who have and it sounds terrifying ! This game had some good spooky jumpscares and then some that just made me giggle!

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Pretty fun game :) 7/10

This was a perfect fun indie horror game!
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Ive made this account just to comment here because this game represents a sleep paralysis so fckn well. I related so much to this, when i had a sleep paralysis it was EXACTLY like that. Every detail, the way the hands moved, getting up from bed and moving extremely slow and then waking up in bed again hundreds of times. Only thing different i had from this was that the only monster i saw was myself breaking the door with some horns and rushing towards me with a big axe everytime. Masterpiece! If you wanna know how a sleep paralysis feels like, that's exactly it.

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el juego esta bien hecho, no encontré ningún tipo de error, me hubiera gustado que sea un poco más largo, la pase mal (mucho terror) puntuación 10/10, Espero más trabajos así 

One of my biggest fears. Good jumpscares, had me wondering what was to happen next.

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Sehr gruseliges, kleines Spiel! Ich glaube das ich seit diesem Spiel eine Teddybärenphobie habe xD Verdiente 4/5

Loved the game and such a relatable experience! Well done and many thanks to the work put in! 

the game must have glitched and I was stuck in the anxiety bar part for like two minutes straight whitout understanding what I was doing wrong, but except for that cool little game 

dude i like the game, Graphics are nice too, wish it was a little longer than what's on display, good luck. 


Great game, I played it with friends and they really liked it.

Greetings from México


i got chills from this! (game #2)

i played the game and it qas very spooky. It was also very fun! Loved the art style. It would be really helpful if you could check out my youtube channel and possibly subscribe! Thank you!

Who needs sleep anyway..? 

Who wants to do a sleepover? 

This game scared the freak outta me especially since I fear sleep paralyzis!! Good job on the scare! Please feel free to check out my gameplay. Have a great day! :)

This is great. I mostly experience some what is included in here. I am hoping more of your creations.

I have a gameplay included in this video gameplay:

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