Update 9/2 - Brightness Adjusted

Hello everyone,

For this game, we specifically wanted it to remain dark for everyone. We are aware that we have previous releases were brightness was an issue. However, we felt we could get away with this one since the theme actually fit quite well. You're not supposed to see anything. The darkness is supposed to create fear and anxiety. However, we didn't execute this properly. 

To continue fitting into the theme, we did adjust the brightness of only the living room since it's the biggest space with the most lights that go off at the same time. Besides this, we increased the range of the flashlight. We believe this approach doesn't necessarily light up everything and change much of what we aimed for initially, but it does allow you to see where you're going at least. 

Based on all our previous games including this one, there's one thing for sure we're going to take the time to include: a setting to adjust brightness. As you can see, we love that you're playing in the dark. However, this isn't ideal for some people since dark could mean pitch black based on physical hardware. 

Thank you for those who have played Light's Out already. We always enjoy seeing your feedback, comments, and playthroughs. For those who haven't, you should definitely try it out ;) 

-- JN Squared


lights-out-mac.zip 444 MB
Version 1 Sep 02, 2020
lights-out-linux.zip 451 MB
Version 1 Sep 02, 2020
lights-out-win64.zip 442 MB
Version 1 Sep 02, 2020

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