New 3D survival horror game for Summer Slow Jam 2020

Right after an exhausting week of no sleep for Brackey's jam (not to mention that we're still in the process of making the updates ), we were hesitant about participating in Summer Slow Jams 2020 due to our busy schedules. Additionally, since our previous release of "Don't Do It" fit incredibly well into the theme of "Don't Let It Out", we weren't sure how to approach it so that it wouldn't come out too similar of a game. We always want something different for all our games, be it genre, mechanic, or overall new experience during development. As horror developers though, we really couldn't let this opportunity pass since it was in our comfort zone.

In the end, an idea hit us as we played around with the words in the last 4 days before the jam's submission deadline. Rather than letting something out, we decided to approach it differently. "Light's Out" is our take on the theme as don't let the lights go out. We weren't sure if we were going to make it in time and had to sacrifice some sleep and get behind on our work/school life, but thankfully, we managed to put something together that freaked us out both during and after development. 

We hope you check out the game and enjoy it! 


Light's Out-Win64 442 MB
Aug 31, 2020
Light's Out-Mac 444 MB
Aug 31, 2020
Light's Out-Linux 451 MB
Aug 31, 2020

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