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this game is fun and scary thanks creator for making this game!! 

Really intense and some great jumps scares. Playthrough here

Last game in this video. It was a little stressful but that's what made it cool

I played this second in this video, and wow I love the concept for the game, I'd play a full length version of this.

Nice game, Gameplay BR

This game was very creepy and the ending had me spooooooked. This was the first game I played on  my 3 scary games, make sure to go check it out! Keep up the good work!


almost closed the game right almost at the end cause i was afraid there was a jump scared about to happen but surprised there wasnt cool game u got here!

Deleted 2 years ago

Thanks for playing and the video!

Nice game 👍🏻 dashie also played it and follow him on Twitter if you want @dashiexp and subscribe to his YouTube channel

Thanks for sharing this and letting us know! His playthrough was hilarious and we enjoyed watching it a lot

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Thanks for playing our game! Right at the end, when it blacked out, we think you might have missed the ending. In the most updated version, you would get a text telling you one last thing to do (turn on the flashlight). However, all in all, you did beat the game so good job!

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thank u xxx

Had a great time with this one! Felt on edge the entire time, I'm currently learning unity so it was awesome to look at this game and try to figure out how it was made! It took me a quick second to realize what to do, because I'm dumb. XD But overall I think this game did really well! Atmosphere was on point with the sounds!

Thanks for playing our game! Loved your gameplay and your feedback and commentary at the end was interesting to listen to. The ladder physics for sure got us good as it's overall a confusing mechanic when you get down to coding. There are multiple ways to approach it and multiple ways to execute your approach. We're glad you enjoyed the experience :)

Fun game! I enjoyed playing it, and I really felt the atmosphere. Nerves, anxiety, random noises and lights made me feel uneasy the whole time, not knowing if there was actually something that was gonna get me. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out the game if you can actually win. Lol. 

Please check out the video (Game starts at 0:00) and my channel:

VladMan. Thank you!


Thanks for playing our game! You were getting the hang of the game but the main objective is to keep the lights on. The battery on the phone does not actually depict the battery of your phone (strange we know). It is actually a representation of your life. We've made it clearer in the description of our game now for future players :)

Oh I see! Thank you! :)

I had a great time playing this game! Lots of potential in a short package! The only issue I had was not knowing if i had lost or was progressing the game. But other than that, for a game made in 4 days it was fantastic! Keep up the good work!

Thanks for playing the game! We loved your playthrough and reactions :D There was a specific sound cue to letting you know how much you've progressed through the game. Also, there was a time to how much you had to survive and you could check by pressing F. We posted a recent update identifying when you've lost to make the game a bit less clunky, and a helper text to let you know what to do at the end in case players misinterpreted the game bugging out with a black screen

Interesting game, I like the fast-paced playstyle I think it adds to the urgency to find and turn the lights back on. 

Thanks for playing our game and the video! The feeling of urgency, apprehension, and anxiety at which everything is happening amidst the chaos was our goal in the game :)

I really enjoyed this game. I loved that the controls are simple, it's very important for a horror experience. I immediately felt immersed and unsettled and nervous. I won't spoil for anyone that has yet to experience the game but some of the moments gave me chills. I started to feel very nervous and wanted out. I'm very impressed with the graphics and the overall experience of the game. I'm looking forward to any future work. Well done! Will attach video if anyone is interested in my playthrough.

Thank you so much for playing our game and the video! We loved your playthrough and appreciate the thorough feedback. We're very glad you had an enjoyable immersive experience. You hit the points we aimed to cover for the game and your reaction is what we hoped to see in the players :D


Pros and cons are down below) Check out my gameplay here (the game is the 2d there):


1. The concept is really cool! I loved that the game actually made the player run around switching the lights on instead of camping near the breaker.

2. The sound cues were an interesting way to let the player know where the lights went out. I love that idea!


1. Maybe it would be cool to see some more spooks? Jumpscares or camping monsters? Something that would make the player peep through the attic hole before actually go sprinting up there.

2. More lore is always appreciated! What the hell is going on and what is lurking in the darkness? Also, why the guy before us is so damn self-sacrificial so they use the last battery on the phone to write us a message instead of sprinting and turning every light on (that was not that hard).


I guess the game lacked horror elements and lore for my taste. I'd rate it 4/5 because there is definitely room for improvement but that was good nonetheless.

Hope my feedback was useful!


Thank you so much for playing our game and the thorough feedback! We appreciate every feedback from all our players since we carefully take them into consideration for our next games. I'm glad that you mentioned those specific disadvantages because in truth, we intentionally made it this way as our first time ever of using an invisible enemy to focus more on ambiance

I really enjoyed it!!

Here's some gameplay ;)

Thank you for the great game!!! :)

Thanks for playing our game and enjoyed your playthrough of it! We loved your edit at the end haha :D 

This was really great! I loved the sound cues to tell you where you need to go next, and I love how fast-paced this game was! I enjoyed playing this a lot!


Thank you for playing our game! Loved your gameplay as you slowly became adjusted to the sound cues. It's what we hoped to see in everyone's playthroughs!

Cool game, scary at first, but gets somewhat dull towards the end. Great none the less. The mechanics are great and the sound cues make the game easy to understand. I enjoyed the short experience. Good work!


Thanks for playing our game and for the kind words! We're glad you enjoyed it :D

I thought the idea was pretty solid, a hectic game about finding which lights are out, but unfortunately I ran into a bit of an issue at what I think was the end of it.

Thank you for playing and for reporting the bug! We're sorry you encountered this issue. It is now fixed in the newest version. You were actually seconds away from seeing the ending of the game had it not been for the ladder!

hi, big thx for the great game. greetings from rosti 😁

Thank you for playing! We enjoyed your playthrough :)

I downloaded the game because it seems like a really fun game to play but I don't know how to open the game on my imac.

Hi, you can extract the files contained inside the zip folder and then be able to open up the app normally. Let me know if you still have trouble getting it to work

The darkness is scary
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Thank you for playing! And yes, the darkness is indeed scary when the lights are out ;) 

Great game dev :D 

Thank you for playing and for the video! :)

Excellent game for the jam, glad to have it part of my channel.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

Thank you for playing and for the kind words! We enjoyed watching your playthrough :)

I tried it out for windows. It has a cool concept. But the game just didn't seem to work for me. I was able to walk around and collect the notes. (The motion blur was very extreme, combined with how incredibly dark the game was, it honestly hurt my eyes). No lights ever turned off on their own, so I went around and turn every single one off myself to see if something would happen, and nothing did. The music player was a cool little touch. I'm sure if you had more days to work on this, it could have turned out really well. Or maybe it's just the windows version. 

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Thank you for trying out the game! Just to make sure, how many notes did you collect? Did the instructions on your phone switch to a battery/timer? If not, you probably haven't started the actual game yet, that's why the lights were not turning off themselves. Also, did you explore the entire house including the attic and basement? 

I collected the note right in front of you when you start and the one in the office area. Also the phone screen went black. I feel like I collected a third note but don't remember where it was. ( I walked around for about 10 minutes, checking the basement and attic/attic bathroom)

Did you hear the music cue and a subtitle that says "Press F for flashlight"? This would be the actual start of the game when everything goes wrong. 

Never got that, and I tried hitting all alpha keys to test out if it would do anything.

Yup, so, one good way to find out if everything met the conditions to start the game is to hold the Tab key. If you see all three notes there, that's the first step out of the mini 'tutorial'. The second requirement would be to explore the whole house (order of which comes first doesn't matter). Considering the placement of the notes, the last place would be the attic. Once you fulfill both requirements, a sound should play and subtitle saying "Press F for flashlight" should appear. This wakes up your phone with a timer and a battery, officially beginning the game. We hope you will give it another shot though to see if it works! Regarding the motion blur, we're going to reduce it in our next update.

Hello, I played this game and really enjoyed it, it was a short and sweet game, the visuals, environment, sound effects were all great, good work :)

Thank you for playing and we're so glad you enjoyed the game! :)

hey this game was pretty cool! any new game you creating?

Thank you for playing and being interested in our games! We are indeed in the process of developing another horror game. If you'd like, follow us on Twitter to be up-to-date whenever we release new games! :) 

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