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A little hard at first but I loved this!

For a short horror game made in 4 days we had a blast completing this. Awesome job!

Very well done game, I had fun playing it ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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Didn't play much. Looks okish. Few minor bugs and suggestions.

  • Doesn't play well on non standard resolutions. On my 1920x1920, the phone is obscured as it is too far too the right. Fixing this would be nice, or option for resolution selection or playing in the window.
  • The Unity vulkan renderer works nicely (tested using -force-vulkan), so why not make it a default (in Unity, in Project settings, go to Graphics, Auto API for LInux, and change order to make Vulkan first, OpenGL second).
  • On exit game appears to be crashing.

Other that these minor issues, not too bad, but rather short.

Using version 3.

SKIP TO 11:05!!!

Hello! I liked your game a lot and used it in part of my recent "3 scary games" video (3rd game) I liked it a lot and it had a good atmosphere! 


Made a video

Buen juego disfrute mucho jugandolo 

I enjoyed my experience! Thank you for creating this game. Here's my playthrough, if anybody's interested!

I'm NEVER turning off my light's again, forget the electric bill

I had fun playing this game! I was confused at first but that's just me being me ๐Ÿ˜


Shivers all over my body...

this right here spooky 

Okay so it wasn't all that bad... But it could've been a whole lot creepier if there was something chasing you. The beginning to 4:01 is my run through.

A short creepy experience where you have to keep the lights on in the house or something terrible will befall you.

The sounds used in the game are pretty good and it almost feels like you are right there in the home with these strange things going on and it does make you feel a sense of urgency to make sure you stay alive.

 The house design is done very nicely and seems furnished to a nice standard where it doesn't feel over cluttered or so minimalistic it doesn't seem real.

Overall a great little game with a unique experience, this could be developed into something quite amazing in the future.


There's something inside my house... (start at 10:01)

This was a really cool short experience! You really got the feeling that you were trapped in a haunted house and I loved the ending!

At the beginnig it was scary, then i becomes funny. I did a gameplay in spanish. Thanks for the game!

This is such a great game, so creepy, so spooky, loved every bit of it!

What an amazing game! The creepy atmosphere and sounds are all there. Gotta admit.. This game made me jump! Though a bit short, I'd love to see a sequel :D 

Honestly... the beginning made me quit recording at night to record in the morning. lol TBH tho... it was scary, but I really wanted something to get me.

Skip to 9:52

Fun game yall! Can't wait to see what else you guys can do! 

Really enjoyed this game! It looked really good too! Here's my full review and gameplay :) 

That was quite interesting and spooky experience! Thank you very much for the game! Here's my little playthrough (Polish language) Cheers!

The panic is REAL! This is an awesome development for a jam game. It's quick, interactive, and the spooks are on point. Some of the eerie sfx for real made my spine shiver. I love it when developers really take advantage of the soundscape of a game. Keep it up JN Squared!

Great work!

Super spooky but i couldnt figure it out!

this game is fun and scary thanks creator for making this game!! 

Really intense and some great jumps scares. Playthrough here

Last game in this video. It was a little stressful but that's what made it cool

I played this second in this video, and wow I love the concept for the game, I'd play a full length version of this.

Nice game, Gameplay BR

This game was very creepy and the ending had me spooooooked. This was the first game I played on  my 3 scary games, make sure to go check it out! Keep up the good work!


almost closed the game right almost at the end cause i was afraid there was a jump scared about to happen but surprised there wasnt cool game u got here!

Deleted 23 days ago

Thanks for playing and the video!

Nice game ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป dashie also played it and follow him on Twitter if you want @dashiexp and subscribe to his YouTube channel

Thanks for sharing this and letting us know! His playthrough was hilarious and we enjoyed watching it a lot


Thanks for playing our game! Right at the end, when it blacked out, we think you might have missed the ending. In the most updated version, you would get a text telling you one last thing to do (turn on the flashlight). However, all in all, you did beat the game so good job!

thank u xxx

Had a great time with this one! Felt on edge the entire time, I'm currently learning unity so it was awesome to look at this game and try to figure out how it was made! It took me a quick second to realize what to do, because I'm dumb. XD But overall I think this game did really well! Atmosphere was on point with the sounds!

Thanks for playing our game! Loved your gameplay and your feedback and commentary at the end was interesting to listen to. The ladder physics for sure got us good as it's overall a confusing mechanic when you get down to coding. There are multiple ways to approach it and multiple ways to execute your approach. We're glad you enjoyed the experience :)

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