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You're a robber.

Your mission is to infiltrate a bank to steal a valuable item from the vault. With only 60 minutes and no time to spare until the police arrives (don't question their efficiency), you must find a way to break through the system, retrieve the artifact, and escape. 

Bank Escape takes on after the traditional escape room game where the player must solve a series of puzzles and riddles under a limited amount of time. The end goal is to escape, but unlike the traditional style, you operate alone and will receive no outside hints throughout the game.

If you played this game, please leave a comment and give a difficulty rating on a scale of 1-10, 1 being super easy and 10 being obnoxiously hard!


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Bank Escape for win64 64 MB
Version 2.0.0
Bank Escape for mac 66 MB
Version 2.0.0
Bank Escape for linux 69 MB
Version 2.0.0


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I accidentally dropped the key that I got from one of the desk drawers in front of the lock box and it wouldn't let me pick it back up and had to restart... also I'm not a big fan of the function where you have to have the hand icon pop up to use an item even though you have a click and drag feature for using the item? Just leads to constantly dropping it.


This was a really challenging but fun game, we enjoyed it very much. On a scale of 1 to 10 difficulty rating we would rate it atleast an 8. The clues were sometimes a little confusing but it was not impossible to finish the game.

Please fix the mouse sensitivity its so low can't play this game...Fix it ASAP

I've added a mouse sensitivity slider on the in-game menu 

Thanks will see