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Great job 👌

Nice short game. :) And hey, never press the red button. Don't do it! Or do you? ...

(German gameplay video)

Interesting game!

I didnt know what to expect. AMAZING!

really scary game,good job

What an amazing short horror experience I enjoyed every little second of this, The jumpscares got me and the story was really interesting! 9/10 :)

Really fun game! Wish it was longer though, looking forward to whatever you have coming next!

It was a pretty nice little game you made. The jump scares did get me, the creature was terrifying 😂 Your game would have been even better if it was longer. I want to explore more 😊

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What a great indie game. this was super fun, and realistically scary. The threat felt real and not forced which a lot of indie game devs don't do very well. Also, that damn door, lmao. scariest part of the game. Anyway, you guys did a great job on this. 10/10, loved it.

3 Scary Games, 2nd Game I Play.

Hope You Enjoy!!!

Such a simple game, yet it had such a big impact ! I thought i was safe and then BAM, ded. I really enjoyed this one, keep it up !

Here is my playthrough if you want to give it a watch :)

COmments below clip;

You got me, and you got me good.

scary monster


Really enjoyed it! The puzzles/objectives were hard enough to be a challenge without being so hard it's frustrating. Got the adrenaline going as it should ^_^

So sorry for the super late comment, but very much enjoyed this game!

The sound effects were very well placed and chilling, and the environment, while simple, was super well organized and never needlessly complex! And oh man those things in the cell... Really had me spooked!

The only suggestion I would have for this game would be to potentially have a few more interactable items or events? Not really specific on anything, but more just a thought!

Enjoyed the game and had a blast! :)

I liked it.  Good idea to randomize the code, too.  


Absolutely fantastic! Nice balance between challenge and enjoyment! Short, but I like that! Thank you! 

Don't do it, just don't. I told you not to do it, why are you doing it?

Good game! It was scary as hell for me. The jump scares and stuff like that got me. I beat the game after like 5 deaths. This game was fun! GG!

Interesting game for sure. I kinda wanna know more about the monster from the in game side.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Great little game! My playthrough can be found here about halfway through then video! 

This is a game about not doing it. That's right. Don't do it! Basically, we wake up underground and then have to try to escape. I died a lot but I eventually beat it! Pretty creepy game!

I played your game in one of my random horror games video I had fun playing this it was obvi to short and kinda left me wanting more but it was still scary and the mini puzzle was fun to do as well 

Hello, I featured your game in my video. Very nice work. Also caught me totally off guard.

Very nice! It took me a couple times to figure out the puzzle, loved it!

SUPER WELL DONE! I thought this was super fun, well thought out and had a nice little story to it. Took me a bout 20 minutes to play and beat, Loved that there was multiple options and I didn't feel railroaded even though it was a simpler gameplay! You guys should be proud!

Here is my game play below if you'd like to check it out!


Was fun to play. Short and sweet. 

Tried this out, liked it so much I decided to try more from JN Squared! Keep up the good work! I'll be checking out even more of your work soon, for sure.

I pleasantly enjoyed this game, I had no idea how to beat it at first lol. Thanks for the amazing game.

Such a good game. More intense then I was ready for
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Interesting and at the same time terrifying little game that gave me a couple of heart attacks. I hope you keep up the good work because this was awesome.

its nice game i like it

I played through the game and actually recorded it for my channel. It was actually one of the first games I played for YouTube. This was definitely quite a creepy, but fun game to play through. It is rather short, but it packs a lot into it. Overall, it was a great game, thank you!

Nice game. It gave me shivers. A game I’ve never played before.

Also, check out -

if you'd like to see some gameplay watch my video below :D 

it was so fun, besides the jumpscares D:

Loved the game! I wanna see a continuation of this game! Please let me know what you think of my play through! 5 out of 5!

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