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Jocul e blana rău, e și amuzant părerea mea merita incercat =))

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this game was dope 

This game is mega awesome! I really enjoyed the look and the style, along with the atmosphere. Great job, man!

This was a good short horror game. I like all the secretes and easter eggs like Paralysis on the TV. 


Made me scream. 


Hello, I loved your game. Can you try my game too?


i cant believe you are playing this game, minecraft graphics, and mine not

I love a good bone chilling game without as much jump scares! Awesome job devs!

what's up familia my name is isak and i recently played your game, it was a really fun experience.  I really like the level design and the  changes the room went thru as we progress in the story, there was always something different in the rooms even tho it was the same room the change made it feel different. i wasn't able to find the secrets so im curios to see what i missed out on my first run. nonetheless the games was really fun, keep up the good work!


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The secrets were cool and the twist was kinda subtle (for my dumb brain) but the pacing was weird and rushed. Cool idea though!

Gameplay if you're interested: 


good game, i love it, the game scared me XD


Great game gad fun playing it!


Thanks for the fun :D!

AMAZING. Starts at 12:25.

Pretty fun and relaxing game and thanks for all the hard work in this game and in paralyzis. I had the privilege of playing that one too! Much love

This looks very interesting, but it doesn't seem like the macOS build is working. The menu/lobby is fine, but when I select Play Game the screen stays black. Seems like I can still interact with objects but I can't see anything. Hopefully this helps!

I really enjoyed this little game. Got me too especially because of those stupid shadows. Great game!


Once I recognized the face from Paralyzis, I immediately knew who developed this game. This was an interesting horror game. I don't know if I got all the secrets, but I believe I got both endings. I'm not sure about the objectives, such as the key, hidden interactions, etc. I also played Don't Do It and Paralyzis before! You guys keep up the good work!

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Thanks for making this game! Had a great time playing it, although the story kinda confused me. I´m guessing since I got the bad ending I was the one they mention in the game, really had a couple of jumpscares and joked a bit in my video; some parts of the gameplay caught me off guard, making me have a blast. The VA was smooth and well executed, the differences between rooms was great too! Definitely checking your other games :)

This was an interesting experience and I didn't expect it to have multiple endings. I think there needs to be a little bit more exposition to help out with the storytelling because the environment didn't provide enough detail (that or I didn't look hard enough) Great work! Added it to my playlist!

I loved this game and I hope you love my video. like and subscribe!

This was a really creepy game and had some throwbacks from games I've played from you guys before. (Sorry for butchering the names XD) Nonetheless I hope you guys enjoy my video and keep up the great work!

Better than most of the stuff on here. Great Work!

As always...Great stuff!! Had fun with this one!  

Hey! Loved the game. Definitely gives you a lo-fi PT vibe but I still felt like it was it's own thing as well. Couple of the scares definitely got me too!

I hate this app I can't download anything without having to pay for the game 😡😡

huh? it is free

not for me

Very neat game with a cool artstyle and some spooky scares! 

good, but not scary

Loved the starting 'menu,' loved the gameplay and how things change and the stuff you have to find to progress and how those stuff correspond to the radio and TV. The overall vibe and environment was pretty spooky and really well done. And the subtle scares like the shadow of the mannequin and even their moving heads as shadows and; I absolutely lowed.

I might have missed something, but I only wished that the story that you hear of the deaths of people were connected and made sense? My guess is that the person the player plays did it all, if not, I missed something and that's my bad.

But yeah, it was a really well made psychological horror game and had so much fun playing it! 

Very unique and very creepy, great game dev thanks for sharing :)

if you get all the secrets will you see how the both games connect? And Video starts at 0:58 

This game looks really well made I went all the way through and got all the secrets and I tried to not get scared but again it scared me so good job 😂

Verry good game!!!
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Great game! I had fun playing and recording it. I didn't get the good ending, I think? I got 6 out of 7 secrets, so I probably missed the true ending. I couldn't find the last one, lol. I really liked the concept, design, and overall gameplay is solid.

Good stuff, looking forward to more projects!

Please check out the video (Game starts at 4:02) and my channel: VladMan.
Thank you!

Jogo muito maneiro! Me caguei todo diversas vezes KAKAKAKAKAKAK

I II live the game it was very good

I love the game it was very good and I really like the retro style.

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