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So.. Much.. Chills.... ALL OVER MY SKIN!!! No scares but chills. And funny cuz of the bear.

Absolutely Brillant!  

As far as I know, I have never seen a game that touched on these matters, even more being horror. The creativity of many developers in creating games is incredible. Congratulations!

My goodness! This game has some really good jump scares and gives a good depiction of someone who has sleep paralysis. Very well done!

Pretty cool little game.

As someone who has these issues, this was damn near dead on what is experienced. 

Creepy and very unusual!


I really enjoyed this game play. I do also have to say that you guys make some of the best horror games that I have ever played. Keep up the great work and also can't wait for a new horror game to come out 

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Nice one

I've experienced it many times

i personally had sleep paralysis and a anxiety and it is bad. playing this game brought me back to that moment and shared my experience in the video. the game is well made and does a good job at illustrating the experiences. my partner and i really enjoy the game and brought new light to her about sleep paralysis.

If this is what sleep paralysis is actually like I feel really bad for anyone who has it. This was in my 3 scary games! Keep up the good work!

This was an interesting & good idea for a indie horror exp. Looking forward to tryin more from JN Squared!

Loved the creepy atmosphere, great little game thanks.


i peed that mf was scaryy bru

El juego esta Genial por si alguien quiere verlo en ESPAÑOL

I have never experienced sleep paralysis in my life so this game got me questioned myself "this can't happen in real life right?" lol. but the graphics looks good. and there were some scenarios where you did not expect to happen which is good for a horror game like this. 

p.s game starts at 19:57

Nice game

This got me good there’s a lot of jump scares it’s good for a short game and a short vid

best game ever

This was a great scare. Loved playing this one


See our full review here; (#21)

Truly awesome game about one of the creepiest things a person can experience. Definitely a must play.

This is one of those concepts where GOLD can be struck! After looking at the release dates of ALL the games you guys published, it seems you started developing games at the beginning of the year, maybe spending 1-2 months on a game, or less. I'd suggest spending 3-4 months on a game, and see what you both come up with. Go more in-depth and focus on the little details of things.

Great work!


I screamed so much ,an awesome game :) Saludos


Interesting concept!  Check out my review!


Okay so, I actually can relate to this game. I explain about one of my sleep paralysis experiences at the end of my video. I truly never wish this upon no one. The feeling of not being able to do anything... Maddening. 

LOVED the game!!! <3 (Even though it was short, lol.)


I've suffered from chronic sleep paralysis (and other parasomnias) for most my life and this game was chillingly accurate!


good game did a 3 n 1

This game is really effective at times, though a few of the effects aren’t as scary as they could’ve been. Still, the concept is great, a little different, and there are some genuinely terrifying moments to be had. 

Thank you for playing and for the review! We're glad you liked our concept. :)


I tried to download the one for windows on 3 different browsers. They all failed. Please fix this I really want to play the game.

What kind of issues did you encounter?


Thank you for the video! :)

No problem ! this was a really fun game


I truly loved playing this game, I was generally pretty scared during some parts. One question, can anyone tell me what the title screen music is, I've been trying to find that for a while.

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Thank you for playing our game! We're glad you enjoyed it.

The title screen music is called "Living in the Dark". You can find it at this website: :)

Played your game in an indie romp. The creatures were pretty entertaining haha. Hope you enjoy

Your game starts at 4:25

Thank you for the video! :)

Really interesting and fun game with the element of truth in it. Feel free to check out my gameplay of the game

Thank you for the video! :)

THIS GAME IS AMAZING!I loved the creepy atmosphere <3

Greetings from Germany ^^

Greetings from America! Thank you for the video! :)

Great game. Loved the creepy atmosphere. 

Thank you! We're glad you enjoyed it. :)

Hey, I featured your game in my latest Horror Games video! The part with your game starts around 14:01! Hope ya enjoy!


Thank you for the video! :)

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