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Game was great from start to fiish. Loved the atmosphere; the creepy underground lab, the ominous messages, etc. They added so much more to the experience. The voice memos were really interesting as well and upped the creep factor on the creature. 

If I  had to suggest anything, it would be to make it so that you opened the creature's door way before you went deeper into the lab so it would be harder to get to the exit (When I played through I made it to the exit pretty fast without it getting to me), though I do believe you tried to do that with the long corridor at the sides. But yeah, an overall great short game with a lot packed into it! Good luck on your future projects!


Thnx for supporting linux + your game looks goo

The creature in this game is scary as heck 

Skip to 12:17, that is where "Don't Do It" starts.

I had to do it! XD , It is a fun little gem, very intense! cool creature design.

I did it !



Great game! It was confusing at first, but i figured it out, this game kinda reminded me of the scp containment breach with all this weird looking creatures escaping and then started killing people in this research lab but its a great game and i enjoyed it 

Here's my gameplay!

To be honest, it is not that bad. Though it could use some work. It does have potential, it really does. But what got made out of that potential is meh in my eyes. Either way, this is just my opinion. Happy I get to experience this! 4/10 :)

Great idea! Well executed, had a fun concept I enjoyed it! πŸ˜πŸ’€

I played this game on my latest episode of my series 'Quick Scares' on my YouTube channel, check it out below πŸ˜ƒ

Great game! I enjoyed playing it even tho I'm too dumb to finish it. Great work gals!


Great,check our store

I am an indie developer in my own studio rkgames953 I make PC windows games hope you all enjoy.

Excellent game. One of the best in my video. Please like and subscribe if possible.

It was confusing but I'm also pretty dumb but besides that it was a good game :)

I enjoyed playing your game. I thought it had an interesting concept and it got me pretty good at one point. If I had to give any criticism, I would like to see the animation of the monster a little less stiff, but besides that I thought it was pretty good.


Thanks for playing our game! Yes, definitely, art and animation is something we're constantly trying to improve on. We hope you try out our future games as well :)

Second game I played in my video. The atmosphere was actually quite great and thoroughly enjoyed the game.

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Looking back, I realized something.
If there were more options, this would have been scarier than
just a somber yet curious walk to death

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This is what I call a great indie horror game. great job!!!!


Woah good game, confusing which added to the horror

*Now InSeRtInG ExPecTeD sElf PrOmoTioN LiKE a DiCk

Really creepy, loved the monster, and an interesting story that would be awesome to dive more into.

Definitely enjoyed it! well done!

This definetly deserved it’s own video. Great job guys! Looking forward to what you put out next!

The vibe and build up is awesome, although definitely not one for the directionally challenged! πŸ˜‚

This was great!!!! 

Really loved the whole atmosphere of this game! Great amounts of dread, and a cool little story!

Loved this! scared the pants off me haha!

if you're curious I included it in a video :)

Very well done, a little on the short side but what you've got is very interesting and I'd love to see it expanded on or see more like it in the future.

Someone may have asked this already, but what's the approximate playtime for this game?


About 15 minutes was my runtime.

Thanks. That's just in the time frame I'm looking for for short games.

No problem.

you really need to add graphics and display options because my computer is lagging big time! I could barely play it.

Fun game man i liked it short and simple i could not get passed the num pad though

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti

One fateful night as we were checking the research lab a noise grabbed are attention drawing us closer and closer. Until we wake up in a underground section of the research lab there is definitely something down here watching us waiting to strike

Really Loved this game. Very scary! 

Loved the game, scared the crap out of me, would have loved it to be a bit longer :D


If you want to watch someone jump, scream, and cry like a little girl than watch this video. this game was scary good and I enjoyed it even though it scared the hell out of me. 10/10

Shameless promotion. Pretty cool game tho

game tα»‘t

11/10 ign
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